Terry Peters


Welcome to Terry Peters' Group

At Robarts Research Institute we’ve made it our mission to accelerate medical discovery. Right now, our scientists are conducting basic and clinical research that will have an impact on many of today’s most devastating diseases. This remarkable science is driven by a common philosophy: to bring medical discoveries and new technologies faster to clinical trial, faster to market, and, ultimately, faster to you.

John Moore wins Best Paper Award at Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society Meeting
 John Moore won the Best Paper Award in the Cardiac and Thoracic category at the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society Meeting in...
Jonathan Lau wins Best Poster Award at the Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences
Jonathan Lau won an award for  Best Poster by a Neurosurgery Resident at the Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences meeting in Quebec City...
Welcome to the VASST Lab, Loxlan Kasa and Justin Laing!
The VASST lab warmly welcomes Loxlan Kasa into the neuro group and Justin Laing into the cardiac group!
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