Welcome to FractalBuddha.

This site is dedicated the the wierd and wonderful world of fractals and chaos theory. All the images presented in this site were generated using software that I developed myself. This software is primarily a Mandelbrot Set with animation features and true colour display. You can hook up a joystick and fly through the Mandelbrot Set (flight simulator style) or you can plot a trajectory through the set and have the software generate smooth animation of the specified path. It can also generate fractal images to any resolution you like for poster or even wall sized fractals.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a fractal the size of a wall?

Check out the galleries of fractal images to see some of the fractals created with this software. Also, the Buddha Gallery shows images displayed with the Buddhabrot rendering of the Mandelbrot Set. These images are some of the most spectacular fractal renderings because of their complexity and their intricate details.

Check out the Movie and Music galleries as well to see some cool fractal animations and hear some funky fractal music.

I hope you enjoy this web site and if you have any questions or comments or are interested in acquiring some of these fractal images or movies in larger format, you can email me at:



            by Lori Gardi

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