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    Ed Bickert at 80 - A Jazz Celebration (streaming audio & tribute video)
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    Brief Biography (Top Of Page)

    Chris is a jazz guitarist, vocalist, teacher and composer based near London, Ontario, Canada. An active member of the regional jazz scene, he leads his own jazz groups, and has performed in various jazz, funk, pop, rock and country bands, as a solo act, and freelance musician. He was featured in the Profiles section of ArtScape Magazine November 2007 edition.

    Chris is a multiple nominee for Best Jazz Artist at the Jack Richardson Music Awards (2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), has performed live at the award evenings, and was showcased on television news entertainment features. He was a featured performer at the Ed Bickert at 80 - A Jazz Celebration (streaming audio & tribute video) concert at the CBC Glenn Gould Studio produced by Jennifer "Red" Thorpe. He has has also performed at The Grand Theatre ("Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and "Footloose"), Drayton Entertainment (C2 Entertainment's "Johnny and June" and "Blue Suede Shoes"), as well as Aeolian Hall Jazz Concerts, Jazz For The People concert series, the Stratford Jazz And Blues Festival, Forest City Jazz Festival, Quai du Vin Jazz Festival, Art In The Park Jazz Festival, live on Breakfast Television - Citytv and The New 'PL ("News Now" evening news Entertainment Feature, "New Day" morning show), and at Canada Music Week. He has also performed at numerous corporate functions and conferences (clients include the University Of Western Ontario, Robarts Research Institute, General Electric Health Care, Freudenberg/North America, and MICCAI 2003 Conference) and extensively at jazz clubs and at private functions throughout Ontario.

    Chris began his study of jazz with guitarist / composer Ben Heywood, who nurtured his love of the music, and encouraged him to study jazz performance at York University as a guitar and vocal major with John Gittins, Lorne Lofsky, Mark Eisenman, Bob Mover, Don Thompson, Mike Murley, Bob Hamper, and Carol Welsman. He has attended master classes with Scott Henderson (of Tribal Tech) and Mick Goodrick.

    He has had the honour of performing with international recording artists: Lorne Lofsky (guitarist with Oscar Peterson), Pat LaBarbera (saxophonist with Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich), Kirk MacDonald (1999 Juno award winner - best mainstream jazz album), Bob Mover (saxophonist with Chet Baker), Mark Eisenman, Alex Dean, Gene Smith, Bob Brough (Timewarp), and Mike Murley (Timewarp, Metalwood, Rob McConnell 10tet).

    Chris is also the author of the Southern Ontario Jazz Events page - an up to date listing of jazz gigs, concerts, festivals and radio shows in the region - which attempts to inform potential audiences about relevent events and raise awareness in the jazz listening community. - Southern Ontario Jazz Events / Southern Ontario Jazz Events (group)

    For more information, bookings or music lessons, please call
    fax (519)663-3900,

    photo of Chris performing at the Wolf Auditorium courtesy of Carolyn McKeone.

    Discography (Top Of Page)

    Recording credits include:

    Jazz Artists (Top Of Page)

    The following is a partial list of jazz artists working around the Southern Ontario Region:

    Jazz Education / Music Lessons (Top Of Page)

    Jazz Event and Live Jazz Lists (Top Of Page)

    Southern Ontario Venues featuring some live jazz (Top Of Page)

    To the best of my knowledge, these clubs feature some live jazz. It's always a good idea to call ahead to confirm whether the performance for a given night.

    1. The Grad Club (aka. SOGS), Room 19, Middlesex College (the clock tower), Lower Level, UWO (campus map), (519)661-2111 x86386 or (519)661-3082
    2. Barney's (The Ceeps), 671 Richmond St., London, Ontario, 432-1232 - Live Jazz Wednesday nights
    3. Aeolian Hall, 795 Dundas St., London, Ontario, N5W 2Z6, 519-672-7950, fax:519-675-0614
    4. Bentley's, 99 Ontario St., Stratford, Ontario, (519)271-1121
    5. Centennial Hall, 550 Wellington Rd., London Ontario, (519)672-1967 or (519)672-1968
    6. Chapters, North London, Richmond Centre, 86 Fanshawe Park Road East, London , Ontario, N5X 4C5, (519)672-6781
    7. Copperfields, 149 Wortley Rd, London, Ontario, (519)645-1166
    8. Eldon House, 481 Ridout Street N., London, Ontario, Canada N6H 5H4, (519)661-0333, Fax:(519)661-2559
    9. Frankie's, Festival Inn, 1144 Ontario Street, Stratford, Ontario, 519-273-1150
    10. Garlic's Restaurant, 481 Richmond St., London, Ontario, 432-4092 (near the Grand Theatre)
    11. Grand River Canoe Company, sponsoring live jazz in Brantford, Ontario
    12. Grand Theatre / McManus Theatre, 471 Richmond St., London, Ontario, N6A 3E4, (519)672-8800 or 1-800-265-1593 toll free within North America, fax:(519)672-2620
    13. John Labatt Centre, 99 Dundas St., London, Ontario, phone: (519) 667-5700, fax: (519) 432-3386
    14. La Casa Ristorante, 117 King St. (across from the Covent Garden Market and near the JLC), London, Ontario, phone: (519) 434-2272
    15. London Music Club 470 Colborne Street, London, Ontario, Canada (519)640-6996
    16. London Public Library, Queen St., London, Ontario, (519)661-4600
    17. Maggie's, 478 Richmond St. (across from the Grand Theatre), London, Ontario, (519)434-5545
    18. Manhattan's Jazz Bistro, 951 Gordon Street, Southdown, Guelph, (519)767-2440
    19. Marienbad Restaurant, 122 Carling Street (near the corner of Talbot), London, Ontario, 519-679-9940
    20. Museum London, 421 Ridout Street N., London, Ontario, Canada N6H 5H4, (519)661-0333, Fax:(519)661-2559
    21. Mocha Shrine Temple, 468 Colborne St., London, Ontario
    22. Jazz In Toronto / The Rex Jazz & Blues Bar, 194 Queen St. West. (just west of University), Toronto, (416)598-2475
    23. Rhodes Restaurant, 1496 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario, (416)968-9315
    24. Rockit, 120 Church Street, Toronto (416)947-9555
    25. Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts, 88 Dalhousie St., Brantford, Ontario.
    26. Stratford Festival, ? St., Stratford, Ontario, 1-800-567-1600.
    27. Tapas Restaurant, 119 King St, London, Ontario, (519)679-7800
    28. Tru Restaurant, 45 King St. (SW corner of Ridout), London, Ontario, (519)672-4333, fax:(519)673-0613
    29. UWO Faculty Of Music
    30. The Venice Cafe and Ristorante, 454 First Ave N. L3C 6A7, Welland Ontario, (905)714-1221
    31. The Wave, UWO University Community Centre (2nd floor), London, Ontario, (519) 661-3007
    32. The Wortley Roadhouse, 190 Wortley Rd., London, Ont., 438-5141

    33. Jazz Clubs In Canada
    34. Jazz Clubs In Canada - courtesy of Gord McGonigal at the Hard Bop Cafe

      Local Music Links (Top Of Page)

      Other Music Links (Top Of Page)

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