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Research translation is the delivery of scientific information and technology in the form of new products, devices, techniques, and therapies to ultimately affect the treatment of patients. Research Translation is at the core of the medical imaging research achieved by IRL group members, and our Scientists and Associate Scientists are committed to identifying and exploiting innovations in their research programs. Working closely with the Business Development Office at Robarts, the team has founded 5 companies in the past 10 years, and generated 50 patents and numerous disclosures and licenses. These companies are

Life Imaging Systems Inc.

Dr. Fenster’s Lab in the IRL commercialized 3D ultrasound in April 1995, with the formation of Life Imaging Systems Inc. (LIS). Although LIS Inc. ended operations in 2001, the technology has been retained by our institutions and has since been licensed to nine different companies.

Enhanced Vision Systems Inc.

In 1998, Enhanced Vision Systems Inc. (EVS) was founded to commercialize micro-CT imaging systems being developed in the Holdsworth and Fenster labs at the IRL. The company was sold to GE in 2002 and is now being led by graduates from our laboratory. The company’s collaborative research with our laboratory is flourishing and is a private sector partner with IRL scientists in a major ORDCF grant.


ATAMAI Inc. was founded in 2001 to commercialize image-guided neurosurgery and medical imaging software developments in the Peters laboratory in the IRL. The company's mission is to maintain and expand an open respository of flexible and interactive advanced image visualization and registration tools for researchers and clinicians. Software created by Atamai consists of a collection of Python classes and C++ extensions to the Visualization Toolkit. This company was incubated in the IRL and left the Lab in 2005 for a larger facility.

XL Resonance Inc.

In 2001, XL Resonance Inc. was founded to commercialize innovations in Ravi Menon’s lab focusing on MR coil developments for high-field MR imagers. This company is now privately held as XLR Imaging Inc.

DQE Instruments Inc.

Dr. Cunningham's laboratory developed an instrument to measure the detective quantum efficiency (DQE) of x-ray detectors used for digital radiography that describes the "dose efficiency" of these new systems.  These measurements are required by regulatory agencies and this instrument is the first alternative to a comprehensive laboratory-based analysis. DQE Instruments Inc. was recently founded by the Robarts Research Institute and is currently marketing this instrument internationally.

CT Perfusion Software License

This software was developed in Ting-Yim Lee’s lab for diagnosing stroke and guiding its treatment, and has been licensed to GE Healthcare since 1999. The application of the software has also expanded from stroke to cancer, in particular, in the detection of angiogenesis in cancers. In 2008, 948 licenses of the software were purchased by Radiology Departments worldwide for stroke and cancer applications.

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