Jonathan McLeod and Eli Gibson win prizes at 2013 LID

Congratulations to Robarts Phd Student Jonathan McLeod for winning 1st Prize in the Poster Competition at the London Imaging Discovery. His poster  entitled, "Ultrasound Guidance for Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy", showed the effectiveness of ultrasound guidance in helping to treat hydrocephalus - a condition where the brain swells sue to excessive accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid. In the future, McLeod hopes to extend ultrasound guidance to other procedures such as the resection of intraventricular cysts and tumors.

Another Robarts Phd Student, Eli Gibson recieved Honorable Mentions for his for his talk: "Toward contouring guidelines for prostate cancer focal therapy planning on MRI: characterization of tumor boundary contrast via accurate pathology fusion".  Through six patients, Gibson's preliminary results show that further study should be undertaken to imprve the performance of T2-weighted MRI for tumour boundary delineation or augment it with MPMRI.

Congratulations to both of them and to their supervisors, Dr. Terry Peters and Dr. Aaron Fenster.

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