The 8th Annual London Imaging Discovery

Join us on Thursday June 13th at the 8th Annual London Imaging Discovery in the North Campus Building, Western University form 11:30 am to 6:30 pm.

The forum will focus on Morphological, Functional and Molecular Imaging. The Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Amit Chakma, the 10th President and Vice-Chancellor of Western University. 

This year's workshop is directed by Dr. Andrea Lum, MD, FRCPC: Department Chair of Medical Imaging and City-Wide Chief of the Radiology Department, as well as Dr. Aaron Fenster, Phd, FCCPM: Imaging Director at Robarts Research Institute and Director of the imaging platform at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. 


Discovery and development of innovative imaging techniques and instrumentation to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.
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