WCIO 2013

 Catch Dr. Fenster, Chris Waring, and Dr. Suha Ghoul at the 2013 WCIO conference in New York from the 16th to the 19th of May. They will be demonstrating a 3D ultrasound system for ultrasound guided liver ablation. The standard procedure for liver ablation is conducted through CT guidance; whereby, a CT image of the liver is obtained, and an interventional radiologist plans where the needles should be inserted with respect to the tumour. Once the physician is satisfied with the position of each needle, they will begin the ablation procedure. During ablation, a select region of tissue is heated up to destroy the cells, hoping to kill the tumour. The device that is being demonstrated, offers an alternative to CT guidance through 3D ultrasound instead since a 3D ultrasound cube will also reveal the needle tip locations. This offers countries that do not have wide access to CT scanners a solution to treat liver disease, and offers a second imaging tool in developed countries.

Discovery and development of innovative imaging techniques and instrumentation to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.
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