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DQE Instruments News

January 2015: DQE Instruments releases DQEPro software version 4.2

The latest in a series of new feature and functional enhancements, this release offers users of DQEPro* the benefits of automated DQE testing, dynamic DQE evaluations, comprehensive custom-spectra editor, and automated pdf and xls report generation. These features make DQEPro more convenient than ever for simple DQE evaluations of radiographic, fluoroscopic, mammographic and dental imaging systems in commercial and clinical environments. *Some features available only with optional items.

December 2014: DQE Instruments attends RSNA meeting in Chicago

November 2014: DQE Instruments global presence covers three continents

December 2013: DQE Instruments attends RSNA meeting in Chicago

October 2013: DQE Instruments attends IEEE NSS/MIC/RTSD meeting in Seoul

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