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The Technology of Image Quality Assessment

Digital imaging systems have now replaced traditional film-based technologies in radiography facilities throughout the world. However, this rapid shift has left a void in quality assurance and performance testing of these systems. While regulations ensure patient exposures are within normal limits, and traditional tests provide some degree of subjective image quality grading, it is widely accepted that the best image quality is obtained only when the system's detective quantum efficiency (DQE) is close to unity. DQEPro makes it possible to measure the DQE.

Evaluation of the DQE normally requires specialized expertise (physicist training), at least 8 hours of labor, and either a laboratory of equipment or the sums to contract in the appropriate professional. This renders DQE measurements largely inaccessible to both public and private medical institutions. However, without the DQE, there is no effective method to determine whether a detector is performing to standard and ensuring the lowest dose possible and highest diagnostic success for patients.

DQE Instruments products are the result of an assessment of the best available methodologies for determining the performance of digital x-ray detectors, and overcoming the limitations to DQE adoption. The solution is a robust, intelligent, spectrum of electronic and mechanical laboratory tools in a single device the size of carry-on luggage. It requires no expertise to use, beyond the skills required to operate the x-ray system itself, and produces qualified DQE measurements in less than 15 minutes. The patent pending technology is a standalone system that does not interface with the clinical x-ray system. The images produced by the x-ray detector are automatically analyzed on a standard desktop or laptop computer to produce detector performance reports to the standards of the FDA and IEC regulatory bodies.

Every measurement instrument is manufactured using professionally machined steel and aluminum construction. Effectively a “DQE-laboratory-in-a-box,” the DQEPro product contains:

  • high-quality solid-state or optional air ionization chamber with ultra-low-noise electrometer,
  • test devices to measure the modulation transfer function (MTF) in both x and y (orthogonal) directions,
  • monitor detectors to ensure exposure reproducibility and waveform performance,
  • automated air temperature and pressure measurements and corrections,
  • and aluminum filters required to create and validate standard spectra for DQE measurements (RQA-3, RQA-5, RQA-7 and RQA-9) as required for IEC 62220-1.

In summary, DQE Instruments provides a self contained system that allows detector manufacturers and clinical QA sites to evaluate x-ray detector safety and functionality in a way that is simpler, faster, and more cost effective than any competing device or approach. The products take the unknown out of purchasing and using x-ray detector systems, and allow for the routine assessment of system performance to support patient safety and adequate diagnosis.