Equipment Available at Robarts

X-Ray CT

  • Medtronic "O-arm" portable cone-beam CT scanner
  • 2 CSCT (coherent scatter computed tomography) units
  • GE eXplore Locus Ultra - micro-CT system for whole body mouse in 16 seconds with a resolution of 180 µm
  • GE eXplore Locus Live animal micro-CT scanner
  • GE eXplore Locus SP - Ex vivo specimen micro-CT scanner with isotropic resolution of 10 µm
  • GE eXplore CT 120 - live animal micro CT scanner capable of gated CT imaging


  • GE MicroSPECT/CT


  • 3-T Siemens Tim Trio MR whole body imager
  • 3-T GE 750 MR whole body imager
  • 7-T Varian/Siemes human head MRI system
  • 9.4-T 31cm bore Varian animal MR imager with a range of rf coils
  • Low field (up to 0.1T) animal MR imaging system
  • Turn-key Helium Helispin Polarizer/polarimeter unit for respiratory MR imaging
  • 2 clinical 129-xenon polarizers
  • 1 pre-clinical 129-xenon Polarizer
  • HyperSense13C DNP Polarizer (Oxford Instruments)
  • VIDA Diagnostics PW2 Workstation
  • Stelar Spinmaster FFC2000 1T C/DC Relaxometer (0 to 1T) for nuclear magnetic resonance dispersion measurement
  • Stelar MRIn Relaxometer (± 0.25T around field strength of a clinical scanner) for nuclear magnetic resonance dispersion measurement


  • 10 Diagnostic ultrasound machines 
  • 6 3D ultrasound imaging systems for vascular diseases, prostate and breast cancer research
  • 2 research enabled Ultrasonix Ultrasound machines
  • 2 VisualSonics micro-ultrasound imaging nd Doppler blood flow facility with a resolution of 60 µm

Rapid Prototyping

Other Facilities

  • Fully Equipped machine shop with NC mills
  • Electronic, RF coil, and gradient coil shops for building prototypes
  • Autostereoscopic 3D display system
  • Stereoscopic Laparoscopic system
  • 3D Histology workstations
  • Optics lab with in vivo confocal and intrinsic signal optical microscopes
  • One 24 and one 64 processor SGI Altix Supercomputers
  • Optical and magnetic tracking equipment and haptic controllers for surgical and therapy guidance
  • Virtual workbenches for surgery and therapy simulation


Discovery and development of innovative imaging techniques and instrumentation to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.
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