Research Spotlight

  • Research Award, Canadian Hypertension Society
  • Dean's Honour List, University of Toronto Executive MBA, 1991
  • Stroke Recovery Association Clifford J. Goodall Award of Merit, 1998
  • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, 2008
  • PSIF Clinical Research Award
  • Naylor Award for Best Thesis in Health Services Research
  • CIHR Knowledge Synthesis Award
  • CSCI/CIHR Award for Excellence in Resident Research
  • PSI Award for Excellence in Resident Research
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Welcome to SPARC

We are a clinical research unit of the Robarts Research Institute. Our primary mission is stroke prevention. Atherosclerosis is the underlying process that causes most heart attacks and strokes. We have developed a way to measure atherosclerosis by measuring the "Total Plaque Area" (TPA) in arteries using 2-D and 3-D ultrasound. Our ability to measure TPA enables us to measure the change in TPA over time and enables us to focus our clinical research in 3 specific areas.

  1. Developing treatments that treat arteries instead of just stroke risk factors.
  2. Identifying new genetic risk factors that cause atherosclerosis.
  3. Testing the effectiveness of new treatments for atherosclerosis.
SPARC - Stroke Prevention Research
Robarts Research
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